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Partner Success

Maximize your partnership with Discovery Education

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Our Approach

“At Discovery Education, we are committed to supporting you in launching and growing in your adoption and use of our award-winning digital curriculum resources. From your very first login to the growth of engaged and inspired students and educators, we are proud to partner with you. Learn more about how the Partner Success team at Discovery Education is here for you.”

Tom Cloos
Senior Vice President, Partner Success

Get Started

Easy tech set-up is available for system administrators. Learn more about the set-up resources and free integration options.

Quick reference resources are provided for those leaders tasked with launching and supporting Discovery Education in their school/districts.

Dashboards deliver quick metrics and insights into resource adoption and usage.

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Grow Leaders

Equip all stakeholders with easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides to both simplify and maximize their use of Discovery Education.

Use our ready-made toolkits to prepare and host your own professional learning sessions.

Access free, interactive learning courses designed to help educators effectively use digital resources and increase student engagement.

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Go Beyond

Join the DEN Community—a global network for education professionals, committed to learning, sharing, and connecting with one another.

Take advantage of a variety of free in-person and virtual events and experiences designed to support educators.

Participate in any of several special opportunities for educators, like DEN Ambassadors, DEN STARs, and a myriad of thought leadership events.

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Discovery Education Support Teams are available for all.

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